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The easy way to continuously work with personal data

Welcome to GDPR Motor, the cloud-based GDPR management platform where companies can save significant time and resources when getting ready for GDPR, managing personal data & setting up automated reporting.


6 advantages to using GDPRmotor to manage
the general data protection regulation (GDPR)

  • Preparation Data mapping

    Find out what personal data you have stored and where. GDPR requires you to keep a ledger of your records as well as how you will use the data.
    GDPRmotor streamlines and automates large part of this process, making you ready for when the regulation kicks in.

  • Documentation Record processing activities

    Define how long the personal data in different records are saved, the way they are used and the purpose of the use.
    GDPRmotor makes it easy for the organization to get an overview of how personal data are used and facilitate maintenance of registry and data.

  • Actualize Analyze and update contracts & consents

    There are six available lawful bases for processing, why it is important that agreements and consents meet the requirements set out in the GDPR.
    GDPRmotor retrieves and updates the consents automatically, and minimizes work upon request for registry extracts.

  • Control Data management

    Establish and manage who has access to what data at any time as well as what the data may be used for as well as complying with restriction of processing rules.
    GDPRmotor features powerful systems to help you manage and control the personal data.

  • Security Data protection

    Establish security measures to prevent, detect and respond to vulnerabilities and data breaches.
    GDPRmotor manages policies and agreements with third parties (Data Processing Agreements) and logs how both common and sensitive personal data are protected.

  • Communication Reporting & notifying

    GDPR requires you to maintain routines to detect, report and investigate personal data incidents.
    GDPRmotor facilitates incident notification to both the supervisory authority as well as to the data subjects.